4 Tips for Winter Driving in Missouri

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Navigating through the treacherous winter roads can send shivers down any driver’s spine 😬 With snow and ice as your unpredictable companions, anxiety is all too common on the road. Before you get your engine going, let’s warm up your winter driving knowledge 🔥 

Get Weather Alerts

4 Tips for Winter Driving in Missouri | The Resource Center, 417-882-1800

Don’t be caught off guard by the unpredictable weather! Keep your phone charged and download a trusted weather app. Stay ahead of the storm with notifications and alerts from companies like MODOT, The Weather Channel, and KY3. Always stay informed and prepared with these handy apps at your fingertips.

Prepare Your Car for Winter Driving

There are crucial steps you can take to ensure your car is ready for any situation. Don’t overlook the basics – check your tires for tread and wear, and pack an emergency kit just in case. Items in your emergency kit might include:

🔌 Chargers for your phones or electronic devices

❄️ Items to stay warm (blankets, 🕯️, 🧤, etc)

🚗 Windshield scrapers

⛏️ A shovel or road salt

 🍴  Food and 💦 water

🔦 Flashlights with extra 🔋 batteries

🔌 Jumper cables 

☣️ Hazards, reflectors, emergency flares

Preparation doesn’t stop at maintenance. Keep an eye on the weather and make sure your external cameras and mirrors are clean for clear visibility. Don’t forget to clear off any debris or snow from your sensors to keep those helpful assisted driving features working smoothly. And of course, double check all your lights are functioning properly for maximum safety and visibility on the road.

For more tips on how to get your car road-ready, check out our short, informative video

How to Drive in Winter Conditions

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Driving in the snow can be treacherous. Your car may struggle to find traction on the icy roads, making it difficult to control your vehicle. To stay safe, slow down to 45 mph OR LESS and leave twice the distance between you and other cars. 

❌ DON’T come to a sudden stop on a hill – try to maintain a steady, slow roll instead. It’s also wise to have alternate routes in mind, just in case certain roads become too dangerous to navigate. And if possible, avoid heavily trafficked areas, steep hills, and sharp turns. 

In fact, if possible, it’s best to stay off the roads altogether during winter weather 😀 But if you must brave the wintry conditions, make sure to tell someone your travel plans and the route you’ll be taking. Safety should always come first when driving in snowy weather. Before you go, Dan Robinson has an excellent video on how to correct (and prevent) sliding on icy roads: Watch IcyRoadSafety

Add Full Coverage to Your Vehicles

Even if you’re not required to have full coverage, it is highly recommended – especially during the winter months 👏👏👏 Unpredictable weather conditions and treacherous roads increase the risk of accidents and damage to your vehicle. Full coverage insurance provides you with added protection, not just for collision and liability, but also for comprehensive coverage.

👉 Comprehensive coverage helps protect your vehicle against non-collision-related incidents, such as damage from falling branches or ice storms. It can also cover theft and vandalism, which can be more prevalent during the winter season. While it may add to your insurance premium, the peace of mind it offers is invaluable.

Additionally, it is crucial to regularly review and update your policy to ensure you have adequate coverage. The winter season brings additional risks on the road, so it’s important to discuss your options with your insurance provider. We can advise you on any additional coverage you may need to protect yourself and your vehicle.

Remember, accidents can happen even to the most cautious drivers, so be safe out there. 

How to Find Good Car Insurance in Missouri

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At The Resource Center, we’re an independent insurance agency. That means we don’t work for an insurance provider like Progressive, Auto-Owners, or Travelers–we work for YOU! Our agents will shop your rates in the market so we can find the best deal for your budget. 

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