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Home & Property Insurance Policies

It’s your home. You want to help protect it with the appropriate policies for you. The Resource Center’s team of independent insurance agents are dedicated to finding the insurance plan that works for you and your family’s needs.


Help protect your home in case of natural disasters, accidents, and more. We’ll shop around and find the plan that works with your needs and budget.


Renters insurance covers you against losses from fire/smoke, lightning, vandalism, theft, explosion, windstorm and certain types of water damage.


You will need your own policy and a “master policy” provided by the condo/co-op board. Ask about additional coverages.

Umbrella Policies

Need a large amount of liability protection? An umbrella policy kicks in when you reach the limit on the underlying coverage provided by your policy.

For what you drive

Auto & Motorsports Insurance Policies

Anything can happen while you’re on the road, and it’s important to have the best insurance policy for you and your family. At The Resource Center, we’ll discuss your individual needs and help you choose from a variety of different policies.

Auto & Classic Car Insurance Policies

Auto insurance helps protect you on three fronts: damage to your car, damage to another car, and treatment of injuries for yourself or others.

Motorcycle Insurance Policies

Many factors can impact your motorcycle insurance premium. We’ll help you choose a policy that fits both your lifestyle and budget.

Boat Insurance Policies

We offer policies for most types of boats. The size, type and value of your watercraft will affect how much you pay.

Camper Insurance Policies

Travel to your heart’s content while staying covered. We provide coverage while you’re on the road and while you’re parked.

ATV & Other Motorsport Insurance Policies

Get specialized coverage for your motorsport vehicles. Focus on having fun while we help protect your investment.

For the ones you love

Life Insurance Policies

Life insurance takes care of your family after your death. There are two major types of life insurance–term and whole life policies. Our insurance professionals will help you explore the benefits of each and choose the right plan for you.

*Insurance services are provided through The Resource Center Inc and The Resource Center Insurance Services LLC. Any and all other services related to insurance are an outside business activity and are not offered through or supervised by AE Wealth Management, LLC.

For how you live

Health Insurance Policies

Whether you’re looking for health insurance for yourself, your family or an aging loved one, The Resource Center can answer all your questions and walk you through the entire process. Choose from a wide range of different plans to find the best fit.


We’ll help you understand your health insurance choices and pick the policy that’s best for you and your family.

Long-term Care

Optimize your independence and function at a time when you need it most. We’ll help you plan how to pay for in-home or nursing home care.

Medicare Health Plans

Medicare can be complicated and at times, overwhelming. Our professionals will explain everything and ensure you’re aware of all the options Medicare has to offer.

Medicaid Consulting

You may think Medicaid is not available for you, however, we provide assistance to navigate the process and help determine if you are eligible for Medicaid.

Identity Theft Protection

Along with credit monitoring, you receive identity theft protection with benefits that include monitoring for use of your Social Security number, dark web monitoring, enhanced change of address notifications and searching national and international criminal record databases for identity thieves committing crimes in your name.

For what you do

Business Insurance Policies

When the unexpected happens, as it often does, both in southwest Missouri and beyond, it’s important to be prepared. Cover your business, your family and yourself with a business insurance plan. Our independent insurance agents will walk you through every step to customize your plan to fit your needs.

Business Life

Business life insurance helps your business survive the loss of an owner, partner or stockholder.

Group Health

Thinking about insuring your employees? Group health plans don’t have to be complicated. Small business owners may even be eligible for tax credits.

Key Person

Replacing a key person takes time and money and could be costly during the transition. A key person insurance plan can help.

Business Disability

If you suffer a severe injury or develop a long-term illness, business disability insurance replaces a portion of your income for a time.

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