Full-Time vs. Part-Time RV Insurance: Which One Do You Need?

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The RV lifestyle is booming, with 62% more people joining the “rolling revolution” over the last two decades. And that’s not just retirees, but remote workers too! 

Even if you just take your RV out on occasion, there’s still one important decision to make: do you need full-time or part-time insurance? Let’s find out!

Difference Between Full-Time & Part-Time RV Insurance

Full-Time vs. Part-Time RV Insurance: Which One Do You Need? The Resource Center Insurance Near Me Springfield MO 417-882-1800

If you spend over six months out of the year in your RV, your usage is considered full-time. And while it may be tempting to fudge your numbers to get a lower insurance rate, here are some important factors that you would be missing out on:

Personal Liability Coverage

This RV coverage may protect you from being financially responsible for property damage or injuries if you’re determined to be responsible for an accident. 

Medical Payments Coverage

Whether someone is hurt in or near your vehicle, having full-time insurance for your RV could take the fall for bigger medical bills. Hospital visits add up fast for even a simple injury, so be mindful when you’re choosing your coverage options. You often have several brackets to choose from. 

Loss Assessment Coverage

Loss assessment coverage, which typically only comes with full-time RV insurance, can be crucial if you belong to a homeowners or condo association. If something happens at the RV park or campground you’re staying at, and the association decides to assess its members for repairs or damages, you could be on the hook for a portion of those costs. With full-time RV insurance, loss assessment coverage can help cover those expenses.

Undecided? Here’s a Story!

Best Insurance Agent in Springfield Mo The Resource Center John Schaeffer 417-882-1800

Let’s say that we have a client named Sarah. Sarah the nomad has a hybrid job, so she only needs to drop into the office every once in a while. She has an apartment that she stays in for the winter months, but spends the other eight months traveling. Because she technically has a stationary home–you guessed it!–she purchased part-time RV insurance. 

But one fateful day, Sarah was driving on the highway in search of her next adventure. That is until a car slammed on its brakes right in front of her. Sarah smashed into the back of it, leaving both vehicles in need of repairs totaling $12,500.

The investigation that followed revealed Sarah had lied about living in her RV full-time. The adjustor found out, and with a snap of the fingers denied Sarah’s claim! Now all those expensive repairs were solely her financial burden.  

👉 Accidents do happen. If you only have Part-Time RV Coverage and it’s discovered that you’re actually using the vehicle at least six months out of the year, it could take a big bite out of your wallet when it’s time to file a claim. So crucial to be honest about your usage and make sure you have coverage that fits your on-the-go lifestyle.

How to Get RV or Travel Trailer Insurance in Missouri

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At The Resource Center, we’re an independent insurance agency. That means we don’t work for an insurance provider like Progressive, Auto-Owners, or Travelers–we work for YOU! Our agents will shop your rates in the market so we can find the best deal for your budget. 

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