The 3 Pillars Of Planning

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The Resource Center’s 3 Pillars Of Planning

2021 is our 20th year in business.  We have worked out of 3 different office spaces, had some employees come and go but the one thing We are here to help our clients plan ahead and accomplish the planning elements they may have been procrastinating on.  

In this blog, I will detail three areas where planning ahead will pay off. The Resource Centers “3 Pillars of Planning.”

Pillar One- Estate Plan

Estate Planning has been made to be unnecessarily complicated.  Because of this, people are often fearful of what that process could entail and the cost it could incur.  We try to take that fear factor out by making the first steps very simple. 

The first step we suggest is to come to our free, no-obligation workshop and simply be educated on the many estate planning options available and some of the common misconceptions and pitfalls. Click here to RSVP. 

The second step is to ask questions.  Then we will help you organize the direction that you want to go based on what you and your families need.  Estate plans are not one size fits all, so we will help you tailor one to your needs by listening to your questions and asking a few of our own to help uncover your best path. 

Pillar Two- Financial Plan

Did you accomplish any financial goals last year?  Pay off any large debts?  Stick to a budget?  If you’re not satisfied with your progress last year, let’s do something about it.  Consider your goal and then set an objective.  Set up a recurring meeting with your spouse or family to review the plan and the progress you have made.  Getting more people involved in your plan will give you more accountability and make it easier to explain why you are making decisions. Before you know it, you’ll achieve that goal!  BUT you have to check yourself along the way in order to stay accountable. 

If you need to review your current situation or if you just want to ask some questions, call the office and we’ll be glad to sit down and just visit and talk about some ideas to help give you some direction.  Click here to schedule an appointment now.

Pillar Three- Insurance Plan

Insurance is a fixed expense that we’re all burdened with, you might say. If you have auto and home insurance and you haven’t checked it for a few years, I would encourage you to call an independent agency. Independent agents can do an “apples to apples” comparison of your current insurance coverages with other coverages available out there in the market place and maybe be able to find you better quotes. You might be surprised by how much the rates have changed!

Now, nobody wants to spend their Saturday afternoon running around town getting quotes. With an independent agent, they will do all that for you. For example, our agents can shop seven primary companies that we trust and have quotes from several carriers in a matter of minutes.  Click here for a quote.

In addition to home and auto, you should also review your life insurance, long-term care insurance, Medicare, and all other insurances annually. Have you checked the values? Do you understand how it works? Is it going to be expiring? These are things you need to know and we’ll be glad to do the research for you and help answer those questions. 

Reviewing your insurance is kind of like your clothing at the end of the season. It just may not fit you anymore. Give us a call, we will help you review your insurance coverages. Maybe we can save you money or at least help you understand your coverages better.  


The 3 Pillars of Planning

By using The Resource Center’s 3 pillars of planning approach, you will ensure the right plan is in place when you need it the most.  Having our team of experts by your side to review your plan, keep you accountable and answer any questions along the way- will help create, ‘Simple Solutions in a Complex World”  For more of my blogs, click here.

We are not permitted to offer, and no statement contained herein shall constitute, tax or legal advice. Individuals are encouraged to consult with a qualified professional before making any decisions about their personal situation. We are able to provide you with information but not guidance or advice related to federal benefits. Our firm is not affiliated with the U.S. government or any governmental agency.  Investment advisory services offered only by duly registered individuals through AE Wealth Management, LLC (AEWM). AEWM and The Resource Center are not affiliated companies.  The Resource Center is a financial services firm that utilizes insurance and investment products. 820011 – 2/21


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