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Our estate planning workshop is a casual, complimentary meeting where we invite the community to learn more about how estate planning can help control your affairs. 

Many people don’t think an Estate Plan is necessary because it’s too expensive, they don’t have enough assets to justify the time investment, or because they believe their Will covers all of their wants and needs. But consider this:

  • Do you ever worry that a Power of Attorney could misuse your money if you are declared incapacitated or unfit to make decisions?  
  • Do you know of anyone in your family who might try to contest your decisions after death?
  • Do you know if all of your beneficiaries are correctly named and will be legally acknowledged if your case goes to Probate? 
  • Do you know what to do to preserve your assets so you don’t lose all of your money to Long Term Care facilities or Medicare? 

If you answered no to ANY of these, RSVP a couple of seats and come see us at The Resource Center! Here’s what we hope to achieve by hosting these meetings.

Empowering Your Autonomy

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You might have a general idea of what you want your loved ones to do if your health declines or you’re unexpectedly injured, but do you have directives written out for them? Are your money or assets preserved from Long-Term Care costs, when you would rather those resources go to your family?

Choosing Healthcare Directives

Who’s in charge of making decisions for you if you’re unable to decide for yourself? What orders do they need to follow with your financial, legal, and healthcare choices?

Naming Your Beneficiaries

Sometimes a court won’t see this as black-and-white as you do. Especially if divorces or deaths have occurred in the bloodline. Creating an Estate Plan is one of many ways you can help ensure that your beneficiaries are correctly named.

Electing a Guardian for Children

Again, this isn’t always an easy decision for a court to make. There are a lot of factors to consider–especially if you have several family members who care for your children and believe that they would be the best caregivers and are willing to fight for custody rights. 

Declaring Your Wishes for Special Needs Children

If you have a child who will need long-term care or guardianship, what directives do you have for their caregiver? How can they spend your child/ren’s inheritance? How can they not?

This can certainly feel overwhelming, but that’s what we’re here for! To help make things a little easier and to illustrate where your plan might not have the proper instruction that it needs.

Helping Your Loved Ones

Not only can an Estate Plan help preserve your belongings and your personal goals and wishes, but it can help protect the people you love. We strive to help guide your family through situations such as:

  • Lack of Healthcare Directives
  • Family Feuds Over Sentimental or Valuable Belongings
  • Havings Assets Taken Away by Healthcare Systems
  • Lengthy or Expensive Probate Courts
  • Help Spare Your Heirs From a Big Tax Bite

In a recent study, 33% of Americans who do not have a Will or Living Trust claim that they don’t have enough money or possessions to leave behind. But a good estate plan should do more than preserve your things; it should help you to the best of its legal capacity. It should uphold your healthcare wishes, preserve whatever money or retirement money you do have, and help prevent unexpected family members try to claim your property.

Our services don’t stop at you. We care that your friends and family have the information and support that they need to get through trying times. Our team wants to present you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision that we hope you’ll feel confident about. 

Depending on your goals, you can create a plan that is relatively simple or more complex. 

Estate Planning Financial Advisor Near Me The Resource Center Springfield MO 417-882-1800

Estate Planning Workshops at The Resource Center

How Much Does it Cost to RSVP?

Nothing at all! Our workshops are informational; no one is trying to sell you anything or advocate for one plan over another. 

Can I Bring Someone with Me?

Yes, absolutely. We encourage you to bring someone who’s close to you–especially if they will be involved in your planning process. Just let us know how many seats you need!

What Do I Need to Bring?

Nothing at all. We’ll provide paper and pens to take notes. 

When is the Next Workshop?

You can Click Here to see our upcoming dates and times. Give us a call at 417-882-1800 to reserve a wheelchair-accessible table. 

How Big Are the Workshops?

We prefer a casual presentation and limit our workshops to 20 guests. Seating is limited and fills up quickly, so grab your seats as soon as possible!

Where is The Resource Center?

1304 E Kingsley St

Springfield, MO 65804

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