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Back in December 2001 I looked at my life, my family, and my career (10 years of managing insurance services for a major national company) and decided to make a change.  I got to planning, with my yellow note pad and countless meetings with colleagues, family, and friends.  In a few short months, The Resource Center was born.  I got licensed with some top insurance companies and started to network.

The company I had envisioned was to be a full-service company that provided home, auto, and other types of insurance coverage as well as financial planning services and wealth management.  My goal was to be a one-stop-shop for insurance and financial needs that would take the time to educate clients in an effort to help them make the best decisions for themselves.  The motto for my new venture was ‘Simple Solutions in a Complex World.’……..  Not that there was anything simple about the company I envisioned. 

In building my own completely independent company, I leaned on the experience I had gained during my time working for other companies.  However, now I got to do things my way instead of having a corporate manager tell me how the company wanted things done.  I got to spend time getting to know people and what they really needed, rather than looking out for someone else’s bottom line.  As I considered what kind of products I would offer to my own loved ones, I told myself then, I would work primarily with investment products that provide safety, security, and income as well as the potential for growth.  Such products understandably reside on the conservative side of the investment spectrum, which is where I choose for my business to live.  I’ve never believed in get-rich-quick concepts; consistent and steady growth is more my style.  If you’re looking to double an investment in a short window of time, I’m probably not the advisor for you.

Over time, I was able to find and recruit my own network of professionals who could join my team to help me accomplish all the things I wanted to offer to my customers.  I quickly found, for instance, that I didn’t want anything to do with health insurance, but I had a buddy who did nothing but and I would refer people to him.  The network concept worked well, and things evolved from there.

As my company grew, I was able to help people plan financially for their future and help them manage their money.  I was also able to offer a variety of insurance products people might want. Not only life, auto, and home insurance but also health insurance, long-term care insurance, Medicare supplemental insurance, and annuities. In more recent years, I have been able to offer wealth management accounts, real estate consulting, estate planning, and tax consulting as well.

That company has grown considerably in the 20 years between its founding and now.

Our guiding principles are: 

Be kind.

Speak honestly.

Make it simple.

Act fairly.

Put people over profit.

The Resource Center today not only offers the insurance options and retirement planning services described above, but now also provides clients with banking and financing options available through my ownership interest in a local bank. We have our own in-house Medicare professional. We’ve even developed our own home repair/handyman service. We can now accurately say that if we can’t find a solution to a financial stumbling block in your life, we help you access someone who can.

But even with all this growth in the scope of our business, we still observe the same motto we had from the outset. That is, “Simple solutions in a complex world.”


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