Estate Planning

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Estate Planning

We understand how important it is to provide for the well-being and dignity of the people you love, as well as to protect the legacy you’ve built up over the years. That’s why at The Resource Center, we take the time to understand your priorities so that we can design a plan that honors your wishes.


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How do you set up a trust? What are the different types of trusts available? A trust is a important estate planning tool that can be used for different purposes — from providing for your heirs after your death to supporting charitable causes. A trust may help your loved ones to minimize estate taxes or avoid probate. It may also be used to protect your estate from your beneficiaries’ creditors. Your advisor will work closely with you to establish a trust that specifies exactly when and how your beneficiaries receive your assets.


Probate is a legal process in which a court makes important determinations about the value of your property, payment of outstanding debts, and distribution to your survivors. It is often a very complex and lengthy process that can take more than a year to resolve. Probate can also be very expensive for your loved ones. At The Resource Center, we will help you structure your assets so that they may not have to go through probate. You should decide what happens to your assets — not the courts!

Asset Protection

What happens if a creditor shows up at the door with a judgment against you? What if you become involved in a lawsuit? How do you stay on course with your financial strategy when you’re facing unforeseen events that could derail your plans? That’s where your Resource Center advisor comes in. We’ll design a comprehensive asset protection plan to ensure that your most valuable assets remain off-limits — so you’ll have one less thing to worry about in the event of a credit judgment or lawsuit.

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Estate Planning


Estate Planning

What will happen to your money after you pass away? Who would be the guardian of your minor children if something happens to you? If you die without an estate plan, the courts– not you — get to answer these and other important questions that will impact the lives of those you care about. Even if you’re young and healthy, and no matter how much money you make, creating a will is an important step that everyone must take. We’ll help you design a will that honors your priorities and protects the people you love most.

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