What Are the Benefits of Using an Independent Insurance Agent?

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Choosing an insurance policy for your home, car, or other needs can feel overwhelming.

There’s lots of information to look up and multiple criteria to consider. How can you be sure you have an accurate understanding of policy coverages, limits, exclusions, and other provisions when comparing plans? 

Many people buy insurance online or from a captive agent who works exclusively for a single company. Another option is to purchase coverage from an independent insurance agent who offers policies from multiple insurers. If you’re considering this kind of option, it’s beneficial to think about the pros and cons of an independent insurance agent.

There are about 36,000 independent insurance agents in the United States today. Independent insurance agents offer multiple types of insurance, including policies for homeowners, renters, cars, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, boats, ATVs, and other personal property. You can also purchase life, health, and business insurance policies through independent insurance agents. 

Because the independent insurance agent acts as an intermediary between their customers and multiple insurance companies, they can offer a wider choice of policies and prices. Customers typically enjoy greater choice, more convenience, and customized service. Working with an independent insurance agent may be ideal for those with complex insurance needs.1    

At The Resource Center, our local independent insurance agents take pride in understanding the needs of people just like you who live and work right here in our community. Let’s take a closer look at the four advantages of buying from an independent insurance agent. 

1. Your Independent Insurance Agent Does the Shopping for You

When you work with an independent agent, all you have to do is request a quote and your agent takes it from there. It’s an insurance agent’s responsibility to do the heavy lifting.

They will shop different carriers for you and provide a side-by-side listing of numerous coverages and pricing options to fit your needs. That makes it easy for you to compare different policies and choose the right one for your needs and your budget. And you may be wondering: “Who pays independent insurance agents?” The great part about it is that once you buy a policy, your agent will earn a commission from the insurer you select.1  

Your independent agent saves you the time and hassle of researching different policies on your own. You only have to provide your personal information once, instead of having to re-enter it on multiple websites or make multiple phone calls.2   

2. Cast a Wider Net for Better Insurance Options

Sometimes the big insurer with the splashy ad campaign will have the best policy for your needs. At other times, there may be a local or regional carrier that offers excellent coverage, but you may not be familiar with them.

Because an independent insurance agent sells policies from multiple companies and not just one, you may have a wider range of choices. Many customers find that the best policy ends up being one they would not have found on their own.2    

3. Keep the Same Agent Even if You Switch Carriers

When your home, auto, or other policy comes up for renewal, you may choose to stay with the same insurer if you’re happy with your current coverage.

But how can you be sure there isn’t a better option out there? Maybe you’ve experienced a significant life change, or perhaps there’s another policy that offers better coverage or a better price.

Your independent agent will notify you when an existing policy is approaching its renewal date. If you prefer, the agent can shop around to determine what other options may be right for you. And even if you do switch to a new carrier, you will still be working with the same agent who already understands your needs.2  

4. Get Personalized Service for Selecting the Right Insurance

When your agent isn’t bound to a single company, they have the freedom to offer more personalized services and choices that are tailored to your specific needs. Independent agents often have knowledge about how policies differ between companies to help you select the right one for your unique needs.  Your agent can also help with other insurance needs, including filing claims, resolving problems with your coverage and answering questions.2   

At The Resource Center we’ve been serving the insurance needs of our neighbors in Southwest Missouri for over 20 years. We offer home and property, auto and motor sport, life, health and business insurance policies from a number of reputable companies. 

Our friendly, knowledgeable agents will take the time to carefully explain your options and help you select a policy you can feel good about. We’re also there throughout the year to assist you with filing claims or answer any questions you have.

We encourage you to give us a call at 417-882-1800 or request a quote online at any time.



1: https://www.thebalance.com/what-is-an-independent-agent-527051 

2: https://www.bankrate.com/insurance/car/independent-insurance-agents/ 

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