Welcome to our Ambassador Referral Program

A simple way to share the financial confidence you've gained with the people you care about most.

Ambassador Program Details

Any client who introduces a qualified friend, family member, or loved one to The Resource Center, is invited to attend our exclusive Ambassador event in October, as our thank you. We are not asking for guarantees nor are we asking for you to “sell” your friends and family on us or our services. We are simply asking for an introduction.

Ready to get started?

Not Sure Where to Start or What to Say?

  • Tell

    Tell your referral that The Resource Center is who you work with for retirement planning.

  • Invite

    Invite your referral to attend one of our upcoming workshops.

  • Send

    Let us send one of our informational packets to your referral. Don’t worry, referrals will not be solicited. Our team will mail them a one-time introductory packet!

Who do we want to meet?


Nice people just like you! We are expanding our business and are looking to connect with someone you feel would benefit from our trusted guidance to navigate the ups and downs of life. Unlike some awkward, salesy referral programs, we think of referrals as a positive way to make a difference in someone’s life. We would love to meet your friends or family members who we can share our knowledge and experiences with and possibly guide them throughout retirement. We want to help guide your friends, family members and loved ones!


Do you know anyone who is:


1. Retired or close to retirement?
2. Looking for a financial advisor?
3. Concerned:

  • About losing money on their investments?
  • About having a steady stream of income during retirement?
  • About protecting their assets and avoiding probate?
  • About long-term care planning?
  • About outliving their retirement funds?
  • Paying too much in taxes?

If so, send them our way! We will always make time for those who are most important to you!

It’s time to Refer!

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