Novice Investor Advice

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Novice Investor Advice

Tip: Use different market options to manage your risk.  When stocks go down your bonds may go up.  Use different asset classes to encourage consistency in a rate of return.  For example:

I have a client that has an investment that every year, he takes his profit off that investment and puts it in a safe money account. Now, that’s been going on for years and years. Let’s use the example. He’s got a $10,000 investment. One year, it was up $1,000, so he took $1,000 out and put it in a safe account. Next year, it was not up. It was actually down, so he left it alone.

We’ve done that for years and years on a young investor, and now his growth that he has taken out is MORE than his initial investment. His risk was managing his current gains.

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