Don’t Get Caught In These Popular Scams

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Don’t get caught in these popular scams

“I just received a call notifying me that I won a lottery of one million dollars.  From a ticket that I failed to claim.
All I need to do is send them a voided check so they can deposit the funds directly into my checking account within 24 hours of receipt of the voided check. ”

Bruce- is this real??
Oh, that sounds like a great deal. Not!

The minute that that person gave them a voided check, within 24 hours, their account would be drained. They would sweep that money out of there and it would be gone. That’s one of many, many, many scams that are going on right here in the Ozarks.

Scams pray on seniors, they sound professional and it can happen quick.   No one legitimate is gonna ask you for a routing number over the phone.

The IRS will not call you. The lottery will not call you.  If you have a question about a call you get ask them for their phone number or ask that they call you back.

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