That’s A Wrap- A Year In Review

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That’s A Wrap- A Year In Review

Now that we have entered into the new year, lets take a step back and review some highlights from 2017.

There were many topics discussed throughout this year but there were a few that were visited multiple times due to the popularity and questions. They always say “If you have a question, most likely somebody else has the same one”. For these topics that seemed to be accurate!

We’ve discussed the risk on money, exposure to losses and how a person could redirect or diversify their funds to be better prepared for unexpected loss. The 6 potential risks to remember when it comes to money are inflation, interest, tax liability on interest earnings, lack of diversification, longevity of life, and social security.

The loss of money can occur through multiple different platforms, making it crucial to know how to diversify your risk and spread your investments out in order to protect them.

We also touched on retirement and the signs you may be ready to retire, leading into our big 10 part and 13 week series on planning your retirement income. Retirement is a huge decision that can impact a daily lifestyle in ways many aren’t aware of.

There are many changes that will influence the day to day lifestyle and it’s important to be aware of that while considering if you are ready to retire. A good test is to live within your retirement budget for a few months and see if it would be possible to live comfortably on. If you can do it, you are ready to retire. If not, it is probably best to rethink your budget.

The main thing to remember is you need to create sustainable income for your retirement.

Some other topics from this past year include:

  1. How to determine if you are ready for retirement.
  2. 10 things you need to know to plan your retirement.
  3. Risks to your money that you might not be aware of.
  4. How to reduce debt.
  5. Options for your parents as they age.

If any of these apply to you and you have questions, the full blog post on each topic can be found on our website. If you have any questions feel free to call our office anytime at 417-882-1800.

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