Emergency Planning For Market Fluctuations

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Emergency Planning For Market Fluctuations

First of all, lets define what a market fluctuation is. A fluctuation is an irregular rising or falling in a number or an amount to a variation in flow. In other words, it is a change, a shift, an alteration, or a movement. If you have been keeping up with the market recently, you are aware that this has been happening the last couple of weeks. Although fluctuations in the market may seem scary, they are not always a bad thing.

“The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.” – Warren Buffet

When you start to see the market going through a fluctuation, whether good or bad, it’s a good idea to communicate with your money manager or financial planner and DON’T PANIC! Inform them that you might be a little nervous or confused and would like to review your portfolio.  If your long-term goal is retirement then your allocations should already factor in short-term market drops.

Fluctuations are not at all uncommon in the markets. A positive thing to remember is after every correction, adjustment, or movement in the past, there has always been a recovery to follow. The markets will come back and eventually stabilize, that’s the important thing to remember.

Emergency Plan

  • Market drops are an expected, unavoidable part of investing.
  • Stay calm and stay the course.
  • Remember why you’re investing.

If the purpose is to generate immediate income, and your not comfortable with market drops, you may need to pull back a little. If you do intend on pulling back it’s important to do it subtly and make structured moves, rather than panicking. Throughout the process, keep in communication with your money manager or person in charge of your finances like mentioned before.

When the market starts to fluctuate stay calm and stick to your game plan to ensure that the purpose of your money is fulfilling what your desires are.  It’s our job is to remind our clients this is what we have prepared for together. No matter what the market does we’re here to help you stay on your way.

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