Building the Foundation to Your Retirement

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Building the Foundation to Your Retirement

Viewer Question: My husband and I have several different investments, IRA’s, savings, checking, old 401(k)s from previous jobs, current 401k, and other small various accounts. It’s hard to keep up with and nothing seems to be working or growing. How can we organize all this stuff and get a handle on our investments?

Simplify!  There are several software programs which organize financial accounts.  They use online logins to keep the daily balances up-to-date.  A few examples are and  Going paperless may help your family cut down on the statement clutter but you may forget to check the online account as often which may lead to poor investment decisions.  Another option is to call The Resource Center at 417-882-1800.  We can act as your project manager, fitting your accounts into the correct tool for the designated purpose.  Getting a second opinion on your accounts may simplify your situation by possibly combining or re-positioning accounts to build a retirement income solution.  By using our 3 step process we can establish your goals and objectives to build the foundation to your retirement.

It’s important to plan for retirement, but with so many options and retirement accounts, it can seem complicated. On this week’s episode of Dollars & $ense, Bruce simplifies the retirement planning process so you can start building the foundation and saving for your retirement.

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